Enjoy the best of the Fallas from an incredible spot

Enjoy the best of the Fallas from an incredible spot

Valencia welcomes the spring with its Fallas festival. Monumental, yet transitory cardboard statues are carefully built over the course of months, to then be devoured by fire in a unique spectacle. Las Fallas is Valencia’s most international festival. In the week of 19 March, the city fills with gigantic cardboard monuments, called ninots, for a competition that is marked by art, ingenuity and good taste.

One of the best activities that we have organized in Valencia, has been organized for a group during fallas. A great option, and the best choice if you don’t want to miss a single detail of what is happening, is to rent a balcony for the main events in the city. There are different events during the festival and so different options available.

Previous to the great «cremá» (burning of the monuments) there is a whole fortnight of what is called «mascletá»: a spectacular firecracker display held during the day (2:00 pm), lasting only 10-15 minutes but burning over 100 kg of gunpowder. And that happens everyday at the same time in the City Hall Square. As so many people gather together at the square to «hear» the so called «mascletá»,  a private balcony is the best choice for your group to enjoy this noisy event in the city. And while waiting for the time to arrive, a private chef will show you how to cook the best traditional Valencian paella, that you will enjoy afterwards. The group will also enjoy a tasting of «Agua de Valencia» a cocktail made from a base of cava, orange juice, vodka and gin, and very typical in Valencia.

This is a great option to plan for your group in a private balcony, because there is a «mascletá» every day from the first of March until the 19th of March and it happens for just 15 minuts early in the afternoon. But it’s not the only option. The same private event can be made for the «cremà», the night when all the ninots will be burned (midnight of the 19th March).

This is one of the festivals we highly recommend you to live in Valencia. Contact us and we will get everything ready for you to enjoy.