Do you dare to drive as Neymar?

Do you dare to drive as Neymar?

Neymar kart

Enjoy the same Indoor Karting Experience as Neymar & friends

It has recently come out to the media (twice, actually) a picture of Neymar enjoying a day out with his whole crew of friends, driving karts in an indoor race near Barcelona. You can also enjoy that same karting experience, on the same race, with the same karts … with your group.

This is an extremely fun activity that can be made, no matter the size of the group. Different activities and competitions are available for your group to enjoy a day driving a kart to discover who is the best and the fastest.

Depending on the size of the group, you can enjoy a «Grand Prix» (a personal and competitive race in which participants experience the thrill of the competition until the last minute); an «endurance race» (where participants, organized into teams, create different strategies to achieve the victory); and even an «open kart» (several eliminatory individual races, within a defined period of time, that will classify only the best to the grand final).

Do you want to enjoy a karting experience near Barcelona? We can arrange the best racing experience for your group. contact us

By the way, we can also get better pictures for you to remember the experience than the ones published in the media, just ask us and a professional photographer will join your group to capture every special moment.

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